Informing public about the scientific developments in the area of molecular life sciences has beena goal for Bahri since his graduate school years. Becasue there are very few science writers in Turkiye (Turkey), and the lack of flow of scientific knowledge to lay peopple, Bahri decided to write in Turkish. In 2009, he became a staff writer for the Turkish popular science magazine, “Bilim ve Teknik” (Science and Technology) published by the Turkish Government’s “Scientific and Technological Research Council- TUBITAK”.  The orgranizarion that is similar to NIH in its mission and function also promotes public awareness about scientific advances by publishing popular science books and magazines.

Bahri’s first book “Yaşamın Sırrı DNA” (The Secret of Life DNA) came out in December of 2010, among the popular science books of TUBITAK. He was pleasantly surprized to learn that the first two prints of the book was sold out within the first 11 months of its release. The third print was released in summer of 2012.