Aug 252012
Bilim ve yuzme

With each Olympics, old Olympic or world records are shattered, and new ones are broken. When we just think that “human beings can not be any faster” someone like Michael Phelps comes along and shatters all the records, raises the bar, and sets new goals that push humanity to reach new heights.  I am sure several of us asked the question “whether science and technology has something to do with human beings ever enhancing athletic accomplishments.  A great answer to this question lies in the story of LZR Racer swimsuits. Michael Phelps was wearing LZR Racer when he won eight Olympic medals breaking seven world and one Olympic records.

In the example of LZR Racer swimsuits, I tried to show “what happens when science gets in to sports” in my article that appeared in this month’s  TUBITAK Bilim ve Teknik Magazine (September 2012 Issue). There are certainly valuable lessens for countries that are not so good in sports in the approach that Speedo undertook when developing these “technological doping”. In addition to their own R&D scientists, Speedo collaborated with several scientists from different universities and also with NASA in perfecting the suits.

When the societies adapt and internalize a life style that is based on science, amazing things happen. LZR Racer is just a small but meaningful example of the outcome of this philosophy.

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 August 25, 2012  Science

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